Job Seeker Resources

Help! I Need A Job...... You may be out of work and need to make a plan about how to find a job quickly.  Visit any of our Career Centers if you need help with a computerized job search.  Whether at home or in the Career Center, you'll want to register with the Maryland Workforce Exchange (MWE).  MWE uses the spidering technology that makes your job search more efficient.  You can also go on-line to file a claim for Unemployment Insurance to help support yourself while you are looking for work.  

I May Need Job Training...The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) provides tuition assistance for those needing additional skills to qualify for a job.  Occupational skills training vouchers may be available to you if you have been laid off from a job, if you are under a certain income level, and if you have other economic circumstances that make you eligible for WIA funds.   You can find out if you are eligible by visiting your local county's Career Centers. Learn more

I Don't Know What To Do...  A lot of our customers feel they don�t have enough information to make a decision about their career path.  There are many on-line resources that can assist you in learning about almost every career!  By being prepared and educated about your prospective career choice, you'll be better able to develop a goal and a plan.  One tool we use is the O*Net Interest Profiler and Work Importance profiler.  It takes about 15-20 minutes and you can print out the results.  Another tool we use is the MyNextMove resource page, because once you see the job tasks, you�ll be able to determine if it is a good match for you. Learn more  

          Work Importance Profiler -- a tool for career exploration
  • What is important to you in a job--your work values and Occupations that fit your work values 
          Computerized Interest Profiler -- a tool for career exploration
  • The Interest Profiler is designed to help you find out what your interests are, and how they relate to the world of work.
  • The Interest Profiler helps you decide what kind of occupations and careers you might want to explore.

O*NET On-Line provides a myriad of career exploration opportunities that can be used to help you can get the most out of your Interest Profiler.  Also, once you register in the Maryland Workforce Exchange (MWE), you can access the Work Analyzer feature on the Career Resources pages to get similar interest inventory information -- link is below. Your Interests - Explore the type of work activities that you like and find exciting and view occupations that will satisfy these interests. The process of determining your interest profile usually takes 15 minutes.


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