I May Need Job Training
The Upper Shore Workforce Investment System is a consortium of employment and training organizations who work together to assist both job seekers and employers.  This system is designed to enable a customer to find out as much as possible about a particular job or career.  By being prepared and educated about your prospective career choice, you'll be better motivated to succeed -- plus, we want you to find a job that matches your interests and training!

The local Career Centers are your first step in connecting to the resources and services that will assist you.  link here to career centers in your area.  You'll be asked to fill out a short survey/questionnaire to help us know what your are looking for.  You'll also be asked to register with the Maryland Workforce Exchange

The next step is to find opportunities to match your interest -- what is my interest?  

Then, what are the qualifications of the job I am interested in?  Where can I find this information? MyNextMove.

And, where can I find the training  to qualify me for this occupation?  What training vendors are available in this area? 

And, what resources are available for help with paying for the type of training I need for this occupation?  link  WIA Voucher Process.  In the Workforce Investment System, there are several pre-approved training options that have been determined viable in the State of Maryland.  Currently, those training vendors in Maryland (and Delaware) have qualified to have their programs available for tuition assistance within the Workforce Investment System.  There are also eligibility requirements for those seeking WIA voucher tuition assistance:  this may include income eligibility. unless you have been displaced by a lay-off from a company where you worked.

Financial Aid 
There are also many other financial aid resources available to you.  If you need to find out about financial aid options, here are some tips and web references:
Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA)University of Maryland Scholarship infomation PELL grants are government assisted grants (not loans) that not only assist with tuition and books, but may also assist with expenses related to attending college, such as living expenses, mileage, child care, etc.    

Career Centers also have qualified staff to help you with the job-connecting kinds of help that you will need once you are job searching.  These include the free, Ready-to-Work series of workshops that will begin by helping you feel good about what you already know, and helping you articulate those skills so that when you meet with an employer, you can more easily talk about what you can do.Call (410) 822-1716 ext. 2270, (410) 822-5400 or (410) 228-4360, TDD (410) 822-9164 for more information, or visit any of our One-stop Centers to help with your career choices, job search workshops and help with occupational research: 

E-mail us uswib@chesapeake.edu  or Mail an information request to: Upper Shore WIB, P.O. Box 8, Wye Mills, Maryland 21679

Maryland State List of Occupational Training Programs
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